Eleazar O’Connor, a graduate of the University of the South Pacific has joined NFMV as our Fiji Petrel Project Officer.

NFMV has recruited a Fiji Petrel Project Officer to work on Gau Island. Eleazar O’Connor, whose family is from Kadavu, is a graduate of the University of the South Pacific.

He will work with Amania Taukei, the National Trust/NFMV Warden on Gau to help implement the Fiji Petrel Project. With funding from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund enabling us to undertake a series of ‘chumming’ expeditions as well as hosting two ‘petrel-finding’ dogs from New Zealand, there is a lot to be done this year and next.

In addition, community awareness – caring for and releasing landed petrels, and Collared Petrel colony conservation work funded by the Disney Wildlife Fund means he is going to be very active.

Welcome, Eleazar O’Connor.

See our Home Page – Downloads for information on the Fiji Petrel Project.