Translocation of two Critically Endangered palm species.

Dear Club members and friends,

As many of you may recall, in July this year, we held our 2nd NatureFiji-MareqetiViti club activity at the National Trust’s Garrick Reserve, where we  planted 140 Sago palms and 47 Navua palms.
Both the Sago palm and Navua Palms are critically endangered species because of unsustainable harvesting and restricted population distribution respectively.
We sincerely thank the National Trust and the Thrigby Hall Gardens for making this initiative possible… and we thank you our club members, for being on the forefront of this project!!

Some of the recommended follow-up actions for our activity at the Garrick Reserve were:

  1. To plant the Navua palms around the boundary of the Garrick reserve
  2. To assess and monitor the impact of feral cattle on the palms planted
  3. To ensure that the palms survive through constant weeding of weeds and eradication of invasive species.

This Saturday (26th September), we will once again be heading out to the Garrick Reserve.

Please confirm your attendance with us by Thursday 24th September .

We will be hiring a bus, so please indicate if you will be traveling with us on the bus, or if you will be bringing your own transport.

For more information or for a map of the Garrick Reserve, please do not hesitate to contact Nunia Thomas – Conservation Coordinator or 3100 598.

We hope to see you all then!