After several months of community and user consultation, a series of workshops is planned.

After four months of consultation at the community level and with individual palm users, the registers of landowners with Sago palm resources and the main tourism and other users are approaching finalisation.

With this consultation is moving towards bringing the different stakeholder groups together. A successful presentation was given to the Architects Association of Fiji in mid-May and the Turaga-ni-koro committee has been set up and will meet regularly.

Complementing this, the Sago Palm Recovery Plan Committee, comprising mainly the Government and regulatory officials has met for the first time – its job over the next six months will be to endorse a Recovery Plan which will prioritise implementation initiatives in the next few years.

A workshop of landowners with sago resources will be held at Galoa in late June and at about the same time, all the tourism and commercial users will get together at another workshop to discuss sustainability issues