Two weeks of intensive survey for the Critically Endangered Red-throated Lorikeet failed to find it.

Clare Mucklow (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and Vilikesa Masibalavu (BirdLife International) spent two weeks in the Mt Tomanivi-Monasavu area searching for this Critically Endangered Lorikeet.

They failed to find it or anything that might have been it.

This is the second intensive survey for this bird, the last being a 3 month survey in 2003 which has failed to reveal any trace of this bird.

The last confirmed observation of the Red-throated Lorikeet was in 1993 and there have been two unconfirmed observations since then.

We are all very grateful to Clare and Vili for putting in the hard work without any reward.

The situation must now be regarded as extremely serious for this bird and some long term survey work needs to be initiated.

A copy of the report is available from NFMV secretariat or BirdLife International