Nature & Wildlife Club Programme

Let’s Go Outside!

Most children in urban areas are getting more disconnected with nature.

They spend most of the time on computers, gaming gadgets and television instead of playing outdoors.

The establishment of the Nature & Wildlife Clubs in association with schools was a priority programme for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti to increase the children’s knowledge of Fiji’s spectacular flora and fauna.

Eco-camp activities include games, quizzes, tree-planting, composting, recycling, bird watching and nature walks.

Fiji’s Important Bird Areas (IBA)

Since the merger with BirdLife’s Fiji Programme, NatureFiji-MareqetiViti has taken on the Kids nature club programme on one of Fiji’s Important Bird Areas. In 2010, the ‘Kids of Kadavu’ project was initiated at Mount Nabukelevu Important Bird Area in Kadavu at the request of the Nabukelevu Conservation Committee, a local conservation group in the

The success of the IBA programme has proven to be an ideal model for promoting biodiversity and educating children on conservation in Fiji and has initiated two other IBAs in Fiji. The FJ05 Vatuira in Ra and FJ03 Natewa/ Tunuloa in Cakaudrove were selected because BirdLife has undertaken extensive conservation work at the sites with involvement of the adult communities at all stages of their work. This new approach will bridge the gap in spreading the conservation message to the younger generation.

Project ~ Nature and Wildlife Club

Main objective

To nurture future conservationists for Natewa and Vatuira to protect and sustainably manage their natural resources for the benefit of birds, biodiversity and people.


  • Successful implementation of the program in IBA FJ12 Nabukelevu, Kadavu
  • Comic books, bird pocket guides, wrist bands and stickers were produced for four schools in Nabukelevu. All schools in Kadavu also received a package of the comics and pocket guides
  • Library books were donated and nature clubs were also established at the four schools.

Current Focus

  • Production and dissemination of specific educational tools which includes children friendly bird pocket guides and comic strips for Natewa Tunuloa and Vatuira
  • Increased awareness, knowledge and understanding through meetings with Ministry of Education, local schools, Site Support Groups (SSGs) and communities in Natewa Tunuloa and Vatuira
  • Conduct a two-day eco camp at both sites with games, bird identification training, quizzes, nature walks for the kids
  • Establish nature clubs and school based nature programmes in the three schools to continue with bird watching, tree planting, compositing, recycling and any other conservation activities in the future
  • Establish a tree planting programme in the three schools focusing on degraded areas in the forests, coastal areas and mangroves

Further Action Needed

  • Bats experts for training
  • Continual monitoring, discovering new sites, assessing population size and documentation of findings. Available data will help researchers apply effective conservation actions.
  • Funding to train students in dedicated research on bats ecology, habitats, diet and foraging habits, especially microbats.
  • Protection of cave sites from continuous disturbance including fencing
  • Engaging landowners with awareness program