Tuverea Tuamoto

Tuverea Tuamoto

Former Birdlife Fiji Programme Conservation Officer, Tuverea Tuamoto joined NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (NFMV) as the EU Invasives Project Officer in 2011.

This project was a large-scale collaboration with Birdlife International and the Fiji Invasive Species Task force. NFMV’s role in the EU Invasives project dealt largely with the invasive American Iguana and involved garnering local support for the nationwide campaign to control the spread of this pest.

Tuverea, a seasoned field officer with years of experience at invasive eradication programmes on bird-inhabited outer islands in the Fiji archipelago, came to us after working for the Birdlife Fiji Programme team. His extensive repertoire included species recovery programmes, rodent eradication, habitat restoration and management, development of eradication plans, land-based bird surveys, seabird surveys, preparation of public awareness materials, and many public presentations.

Tuverea’s major achievements whilst at BI-FP were the completion of a comprehensive literature review to identify priority areas for seabird conservation in Fiji (subsequently followed by seabird field surveys), and the drafting of Fiji’s first IBA Monitoring Framework guideline.