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Kulawai Champion is a fundraising campaign to find Fiji’s most endangered forest bird, the Kulawai, which is a small red-throated lorikeet that was last seen in 1993.

A national treasure, this bird is featured on our $5 note.

All recent search efforts have not been able to find this bird. We believe that the island of Taveuni is a refuge for our Kulawai, as it is for other plants and animals special to Taveuni and Fiji.

Our Kulawai friends will begin their search on August 03rd 2020.

Follow their itinerary here.

Help our Kulawai friends. Be a Kulawai Champion. Donate today.

All donations are directed towards the search for our Kulawai.

With a $50 donation, you become a standard member of NatureFiji-MareqetiViti.

Your membership is valid till June 30 2021.


Photo by: Bill Beckon

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