PII has been preparing for the upcoming “How to eradicate rodents and cats” training course in Fiji in April.

A training workshop was held to upskill participants.

The Pacific Invasives Initiative (PII) team has released their newsletter for the month of March, with some very exciting updates and upcoming activities for the region.

Topics in the newsletter include:
1) PII activities
· PII Resource kit for rodent and cat eradications
· Skills sharing: Restoration of Monuriki Island
· Skills sharing: Conservation of Tahiti and Fatu Hiva monarchs

2) Project updates
· Fiji: Restoration and conservation of the Fijian crested iguana
· French Polynesia: Update on the Polynesian Ground dove conservation programme
· French Polynesia: Regional cooperation for bird conservation programmes

3) Regional Interest
· King Myna
· Climate change and Invasive species

4) Expert Opinion
· Following on from the article on rat surveillance in our last newsletter, we look at cheap methods for determining the presence or absence of rats and cats
· Transferring rodent eradication success from temperate regions into the tropical Pacific – what do we need to learn?

5) Pacific Practitioner Profile
· Elenoa Seniloli

The newsletter can be downloaded from the link below:


For any further queries, you can contact them directly on the contact details below:

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The University of Auckland
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Phone: ext – 86805 or DDI – (+649) 923 6805
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