Savu Artesian Water

Savu is Fiji’s purest natural artesian water, which comes from a single source in a pristine and protected lowland tropical rainforest near Namosi, Fiji. The company bottles the water at the source, using only fully-recyclable BPA-free PET plastic. They do not supply Savu in glass bottles due to the energy that would be expended to produce and ship such bottles.

Environment Consultants (Fiji) Ltd

Environment Consultants Fiji is Fiji’s most experienced independent environmental consultancy practice, having provided a specialist environmental service to Fiji’s public and private sectors since 1985. Services have included a wide range of environmental and resource management studies from faunal surveys to the assessment of mining impacts; from environmental audits to advice on ecotourism development and landowner management projects.

Marine Ecology Consulting

Marine ecology consulting is Fiji and the South Pacific’s leading company for Coastal and Marine Ecology Assessments as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Our team of ecologists and marine scientists at marine ecology consulting offers a wide range of skills and experience in relation to issues relating to marine ecology and biology.

All costal Environmental impact Assessments (EIA’s) require a full marine assessment as part of the project in order to assess the coral reefs and marine ecology within the project site.

Matava: Fiji Untouched

Matava is a genuine eco-hideaway designed to cause minimal impact on the environment and to promote conservation awareness with our local community and visitors. Ecologically conscious yet adventure driven Matava heralds a new breed in holiday experience.

Nukubati Island

The Great Sea ReefNukubati Island – The Great Sea Reef is an eco-luxury five star resort located in the Macuata Province of Vanua Levu. Nukubati Island is a testimony to how a luxury experience and ecologically sustainable tourism can be successfully married in Fiji.

Rivers Fiji

General Manager for Rivers Fiji, Kim Anderson subscribed the white water rafting company, as a ‘Corporate GOLD’ member for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (NFMV) at the recently held Annual General Meeting. Corporate GOLD members subscribe for a year under the organization, with an agreed usage of the NFMV logo and a link of their website onto the NFMV website.

NFMV currently has two Corporate GOLD members: Lasono PTY Ltd and our first school member, Drasa Avenue School of Lautoka. Rivers Fiji is a white water rafting company that operates rafting activities in the Upper Navua Conservation Area in Serua and kayaking in the Wainikoroluva river in Namosi. The company, which was established in the year 2000, adopted a ‘leave no trace’ policy in the undertaking of their commercial activities in the aim of protecting the fragile natural ecosystem in which it operates.

Rivers Fiji is also the site manager of Fiji’s only Ramsar site, or Wetland of International importance, that is the Upper Navua Conservation Area (UNCA). NFMV has worked closely with Rivers Fiji in relation to the wetland area since 2008 and acknowledges the support of Rivers Fiji in their subscription as Corporate GOLD members. Vinaka vakalevu!

ATS Pacific Fiji

Just as the NatureFiji-MareqetiViti staff was preparing for the celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity, ATS Pacific Fiji stepped up to pledge their support for our efforts… and became NFMV’s first Corporate Gold member!

ATS Pacific Fiji is an inbound travel management company in the South Pacific. Their operations are located in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. They provide expert guidance and reservations for holidays not only to Fiji, but also to our Pacific neighbours including the Cook Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa, Vanuatu and Tahiti Having ATS Pacific Fiji sign up to join NFMV demonstrates their recognition of Fiji’s need for biodiversity conservation and that their support for our mission and objectives.

Bula vinaka to the ATS Pacific Fiji team. We look forward to working with you!
Rentokil FijiNFMV welcomes our 8th corporate member and our first for 2012. General Manager for Rentokil Pest Control Fiji, Mark Matthew subscribed the company, as a ‘Corporate’ member for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (NFMV) after staff of the company took part in a Garrick Reserve member’s trip. Corporate members subscribe for a year under the organization, with an agreed usage of the NFMV logo and a link of their website on the the NFMV website.

McDonalds Fiji

Managing Director for McDonalds Fiji, Mark McElrath, subscribed the company as a ‘Corporate GOLD’ member of NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (NFMV)last week. Gold corporate members subscribe for a year under the organization, with an unlimited usage of the NFMV logo and a link to their company website on the NFMV website. NFMV now has eight active corporate members including two other GOLD members; Rivers Fiji and Drasa Avenue School of Lautoka.