Kula, (Collared Lory) have successfully bred at the Kula EcoPark at Korotogo.

In what is thought to be only the second successful aviary birth ever, a pair of Kula, Collared Lorys, have bred at their namesake…the Kula Eco-Park at Korotogo.

The single young is now 5 months old and doing very well. Visitors to Kula EcoPark can see the young with its parents. Other than Kula EcoPark only San Diego Zoo is known to have bred the Kula.

The Kula is one of Fiji’s most special birds – scientifically and culturally. It is the sole member of the genus Phygis, and is culturally important as the source of red-feathers formerly used to edge fine mats.

It is endemic to Fiji and fortunately it is quite common. If we planted more trees with nectar bearing flowers we could attract more Kula to our gardens !

Visit Kula Eco Park with a 25% discount if you are a member of NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, contact secretariat for details.