Help us to colour a brighter future for Fiji’s wildlife!

Help us to colour a brighter future for Fiji’s wildlife!

An adult colouring book for conservation

An adult colouring book for conservation

An adult colouring book for conservation

Help us to colour a brighter future for Fiji’s wildlife!

About This Project

Hi, my name is Anne and I am an artist and ecologist, totally addicted to colour and patterns in nature.

I currently live in Fiji where I volunteer for NatureFiji –MareqetiViti. I have enlisted the help of my fabulously talented arty daughter, Cathy, who lives half a World away in Scotland.

Together, we want to raise awareness and funds for Fiji’s unique wildlife with our beautiful collection of hand drawn illustrations, Colour-in Paradise: a colouring book for all ages that will benefit species conservation.

Why A Colouring Book?

Adult colouring books are hugely popular for their stress relieving properties and their ability to bring out our inner child.

With 20 intricate drawings of Fiji’s beautiful flora and fauna printed on single sided quality paper Colour-in Paradise is perfect for anyone interested in wildlife or looking to make a difference.

We hope that as people colour our beautiful hand drawn impressions of Fiji’s unique creatures, they will not only relax and have fun as they de-stress, but also fall in love with the animals and plants they are colouring.

Why Colour-In Paradise Is Different

All money raised in this campaign will pay for the costs of printing Colour-in Paradise books, limited addition prints and postcards. All profits from the sale of which will provide much-needed funding for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti to use for important species conservation. With your support, in addition to the benefits of ordinary colouring books, Colour-in Paradise will raise awareness and fund species conservation in Fiji.

Help us. Support our project and support Fiji’s wildlife.

What We Need And What You Get

We are very excited by the possibilities of our project but it won’t succeed without the help of wonderful people like you! A total of £4000 will not only enable us to print copies of our colouring book, but a series of post-cards which people will be able to colour and send to friends.

It would also include the printing of limited edition A3 prints of the same 6 postcard designs, hand-coloured by Anne. Think of the fun and awareness- raising your help will bring around the World! You will be supporting the conservation of some of the rarest creatures on Earth.

We have some really great perks on offer and hope we can tempt you to help us achieve success. Donations range from £2- £2000, each with fabulous rewards including signed copies of our colouring book, limited edition prints and postcards, specially commissioned artwork by Anne and a one off opportunity for sponsorship from a generous company/individual.

You can also buy extra books and donate them to Nature-Fiji to help us raise awareness here as well.

We hope that lots of people will want to rokataka na veikabula kei Nature Fij-MareqetiViti (Colour wildlife with NatureFiji-MareqetiViti)

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign and helping to colour a brighter future for Fiji’s wildlife.

With best wishes Anne and Cathy and Fiji’s wildlife!