Enhanced sustainable management of Fiji’s forests and related ecosystems of national heritage importance

Milestones – 2014-2019

  1. At least one community project developed and implemented to address wildfire issues;
  2. Reviewing and promoting the formalisation of the ‘Sites of National Significance’ system;
  3. Active advocacy and participation where possible that results in the “Certification” of Fiji’s native forests, mahogany plantations and pine plantations;
  4. Active advocacy and participation results in the effective application of the Fiji Code of Logging Practice;
  5. Advocacy results in the effective implementation of the EIA provisions of the 2005 Environmental Management Act in respect of the sustainable use of natural resources;
  6. Active advocacy for Fiji’s carbon credit process to specifically benefit forest restoration and protection schemes;
  7. Conservation Values Programme for resorts and landowners introduced and active;
  8. Publish at least one case study of an implemented conservation values programme which involves landowners