Fiji Sago Palm Species Recovery Plan

Do you want to comment ? The Final Draft of the Fiji Sago Palm Species Recovery Plan has been submitted to Dept of Environment for endorsement.

NatureFiji-MareqetiViti’s Fiji Sago Palm and Sustainable Management Project has been running for three years now and NFMV has conducted widespread consultation and awareness with the Sago Palm landowners.

It has also been working with the Culanuku community on the restoration of their 30 ha stand of wild sago.

Once written off as ‘beyond recovery’, this stand will now be able to support sustainable harvesting in 24 months time.

Currently NFMV is working with the Serua Provincial Council to set up a Fiji Sago Palm Landowners Assosication to better organise the marketing of Sago Thatch.

In another component of the project, NFMV has recieved 3,000 seeds of the Peach Palm as a substitute for “heart of palm” use of the Fiji Sago Palm (see previous newsbyte).

NFMV has recently completed consultation on the Fiji Sago Palm Species Recovery Plan and this is now with Department of the Environment for endorsement.

Anybody wishing to view the Species Recovery Plan and comment on it is welcome to download it from this site and send comments to us.

Commercial Peach Palm Orchard. Each palm has multiple stems and so harvesting does not result in death of the palm.
Over 200 Fiji Sago Palm are harvested each week for “Heart of Palm”

NFMV gratefully acknowledges the support of the Pacific Development and Conservation Trust, the British High Commission and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community for their support for the project.