Fiji petrels, Star Wars and… Rewa butter???

Fiji petrels, Star Wars and… Rewa butter???

It was fantastic to meet so many interested Fiji petrel supporters at the ROC market this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. We gave out LOTS of stickers!

We really appreciate your support and interest. Vinaka vakalevu

So what do we know about our mysterious Fiji Petrel?

  1. Fiji petrels have very long wings to catch the breeze and soar over the sea in search of fish.
  2. They are tube-noses. This means that they get rid of salt from sea-water by snorting it out through a tube on their beak!
  3. They are light-weights, weighing no more than a small pack of Rewa Butter.
  4. There are only around 50 Fiji petrels left on the planet, and they raise their young on Gau!
  5. The Fiji petrel’s song was recorded when a petrel responded to the guitar strumming of Eli our NatureFiji-MareqetiViti petrel guardian two years ago
  6. The call of the Fiji petrel is not like the spooky wailing of the Collared petrel but sounds not unlike R2-D2 from Star Wars!
  7. Since the crash-landing of a fledgling petrel into school grounds in Gau two years ago, we now know for sure that they breed on Gau and also the time of year when they are likely to breed so we know when to expect to find chicks in burrows.
  8. We know that they are vulnerable to predators: cats, rats and pigs
  9. Fiji petrels are amongst the rarest birds on the planet. One of 190 of the IUCN’s critically endangered species.
  10. We know how to help them but still need to continue to search for their nest burrows until we know exactly where they nest.
  11. We need your help to save our bird.
  12. The Fiji petrel has its own traditional lullaby on Gau which you will be able to hear tomorrow along with a fabulous short film.

New Zealand Seabird of the Year

Don’t forget to vote for our mysterious CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Fiji petrel as New Zealand Seabird of the Year.

Fiji has a great chance at winning the competition.

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