Dr Walter Boles of the Australian Museum prepares Fiji Petrel study skin.

A Fiji Petrel, Kacaunigau, which crash landed in Levukaigau village on Gau Island was too weak to be liberated and died a few days afterwards.

Its body was preserved in the freezer of a passing government ship and sent to NatureFiji- MareqetiViti Trustee and Fiji Petrel researcher, Dick Watling.

NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is very grateful to Dr Walter Boles of the Australian Museum for traveling to Fiji to prepare a study skin of the Fiji Petrel.

There is only one other study skin in the world and that it is in the British Museum in the UK which was collected on Gau island in 1855.

The second skin will now be available for study and reference here in Fiji.