Fiji petrel is in the lead!

Fiji petrel is in the lead!

Only five days to go!! Keep up the votes!

Only 5 days left to vote for our Fiji petrel as New Zealand Seabird of the Year. The competition is tough.

See below to watch footage which will remind you of all we have learned so far and why Fiji petrel deserves the title of seabird of the year.

Listen out for the traditional lullaby and talk passed down from village elders, valuable clues from the past to help to find our bird today and evidence of how much the community values the Fiji petrel.

Join us tomorrow to see how Fiji petrel inspired Gau Secondary School’s fantastic performance in the Tadra Kahani.

The first ever shots in 2009

Bob and Tar in action

Keep those votes coming Fiji!!

Visit to cast your vote.

Do not forget, your vote only counts after you have confirmed through your email. So please do not forget this final and crucial step!

Vuka ra kacau! Vuka ra kacau!