ENDANGERED SPECIES DAY 2020                           Become a Species Champion – Find our Kulawai

ENDANGERED SPECIES DAY 2020 Become a Species Champion – Find our Kulawai

Endangered species day is an internationally celebrated event to create awareness about endangered species.

How much do you know about Fiji’s endangered species?

According to the IUCN RedList Fiji has 58 species that are listed as Critically Endangered – these are species that are at risk of extinction if no conservation actions are undertaken. Some of these species, especially those that are found in our forests are Critically endangered because they are endemic – found only in Fiji and nowhere else in the world! If we lose them from Fiji, they become globally extinct. A few of these species are The Fiji Petrel, Beka Mirimiri, Fiji Crested Iguana, Red-throated Lorikeet/ Kulawai, Fiji Acmopyle, Yanita/ Ma.

We each have a responsibility to keep Fiji safe – not only for human beings but also for our special species.

Did you know that you can help save Fiji’s Critically Endangered species?

Since our inception in 2007, NatureFiji-MareqetiViti has raised FJD $3 million towards implementing conservation actions to save Fiji’s endangered and unique species, and their habitats. We would not have achieved this milestone without our members, supporters, hardworking and passionate volunteers, and donors.

This year, you can help us by becoming a Species Champion for the Critically Endangered Kulawai – Fiji’s most endangered forest bird.

How can you help?

Donate towards funding Fiji’s very own ornithologist – Vilikesa Masibalavu – to go and search for the Kulawai on Fiji’s garden island and conservation stronghold, Taveuni.

We thank our supporters who have helped us raise the profile on the search for our Kulawai this year: Fiji Times, Breakfast at Fiji One – With Nunia Moko; Breakfast at Fiji One with Vilikesa Masibalavu, BirdLife International, International Secondary School.

Learn more about the Kulawai program here.