The Collared Petrel Chick being monitored by the Fiji Petrel Project has fledged.

For the six weeks, NFMV’s Fiji Petrel Project on Gau has been monitoring a Collared Petrel chick in its burrow, high in the hills above Vione village.

The landowner on whose land the petrel is located, has asked community members not to plant close to the area and to leave it strictly alone.

NFMV’s Amania Taukei and Fabien Jan have been showing local community youth how to apply rat poison and feral cat traps around the colony.

The reason we are doing this, apart from getting local youth involved in the project, is to train up a cadre of youth who will be experienced and knowledgeable when we locate Fiji Petrel burrows.

As far as we know, this is the first Collared Petrel, a Near-threatened species, has been the subject of research.