Protecting Our Forests

Protecting Our Forests

Benefits from Protecting Our Forests – Natewa Tunuloa Important Bird Area, Fiji

Ecological, economic and intrinsic values of forests at Natewa Tunuloa Important Bird Area in Fiji

Appreciation of biodiversity and landscapes contributes significantly to human dignity and self-worth, a sense of identity, political autonomy and control over territory. Many communities and individuals have developed strong cultural attachment to birds and other natural environmental features such as forests, rivers and land. This is especially true of Indigenous Peoples.

This video, taken at the Natewa Tunuloa Important Bird Area in Fiji, shows how iTaukei communities are generating ecological and economic benefits from protecting their forests. They are ensuring that intrinsic/cultural values that contribute to their livelihoods and wellbeing are recognised, respected and conserved.

Video launched at the Natural Livelihoods workshop of the BirdLife World Congress in Ottawa, June 2013. Part of ‘Natural Livelihoods’ video series from BirdLife International’s Local Empowerment Programme.