Acmopyle sahniana – Our logo

The logo is a stylized leaflet of ‘Acmopyle sahniana‘, a very primitive tree related to the ‘Dakua’ or ‘Kauri’ and pines.

Acmopyle sahniana‘ is endemic to Fiji and is currently known from less than 100 trees in three well-separated locations in Namosi and near Mt Tomanivi.

Big NFMV logoIt was also known from the Koroyanitu Range in western Viti Levu but recent searches have failed to find it there.

It is so poorly known that there is no Fijian name for it, and is one of the world’s rarest plants and an important part of Fiji’s natural heritage.

Creating awareness about ‘Acmopyle‘ and Fiji’s other little-known threatened species and assisting in the establishment of effective conservation measures for them, is an important objective of NatureFiji-MareqetiViti.